Monthly Archives: September 2018

Online Attribution in a Multi-Channel Marketing World


Attribution is the method used to give value to each of the touch points in the customer journey. This journey is becoming more and more complicated and fragmented between devices, traditional medial like TV and radio, social media, online search and physical interactions. As the good old saying goes: “I know only 10% of my […]

Google Express, Google Assistant and the Future of Online Shopping


Online shopping is just starting to take the shape of what it will eventually turn into. Google announced a lot of innovation in shopping at the Google Ads keynote in June 2018. Everyone remembers the first online purchase they made. There were times of distrust and fear of online shopping. The internet was flooded with […]

Understanding Google Display Audiences – The Noogler’s Insight


It has been a crazy week for me, as I started my assignment for Google on Monday. For the next year, I will be doing exciting trainings and workshops about some of the most innovative marketing solutions of Google. On my second day, I attended a great presentation about Google Display Audiences. We talked about Google […]