Digital Marketing Nanodegree – Is it Worth it?

There was a time when experienced people would tell you that you cannot learn a profession, you must steal the knowledge from the ones before you, i.e. themselves. You would go to work every day, trying to get the information you need through scrutinizing the ones who have been in this sphere longer than you. You would try to learn from trial and error if you don’t have the luxury of being trained in your job.


Gradually, digital technologies started changing the way we work and quickly made a lot of jobs disappear. Then the information you learn from the ones before you became less and less relevant. Some concepts stayed the same but marketing channels were now different. Because of the new platforms which grabbed the attention of users, radio, television and magazine advertising became no longer that relevant. Seeing these changes, companies started relocating budget to online advertising on social media, search engines and display banners. Companies which were looking to market to larger audiences desperately needed people who were digitally savvy and understood the new channels.


I was feeling challenged in my new role in a small digital marketing team. The people who have been doing the job before me were also to big extent self-thought and had a lot of outdated information. On one side, I was expected to improve the performance of our campaigns, on the other, I had just very theoretical knowledge in that field. I had no one to rely to for advice as the rest of the people on my team worked on offline marketing mainly.


Therefore, I decided to sign up for Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree. Friend of mine who is a developer did some courses of Udacity and was really satisfied by the level of knowledge he got and the accessibility of the material. As the course seemed very practical it was easy to convince my employer to sponsor my education.

The course content is divided by week and there are practical projects as an assessment in every module. This week, for example I am creating a Facebook campaign paid ad campaign which will run simultaneously with the campaigns of other participants. The one who gets most leads is winning the mini competition. This kind of practical approach to education is very relevant to the skills I am expected to get and makes studying a fun and practical experience.

Since I started the Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree, I have realised there is always something new to be learned even in the very basics of marketing. The career support section seems also something useful for my further career development section. I am looking forward to the following months of learning and doing great marketing.